Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

IUPUI School of Engineering and Technology

Current Projects

  • Agricultural Robotics (AgBot) Challenge

  • Faculty: Andres Tovar, Michael Golub, Sohel Anwar, Hazim El-Mounayri, Lingxi Li
  • Industry Advisors: Tim Allen (A&R Erectors)
  • Students: Homero Valladares (MS), Joe Derrick (MS), Sifin Abdulkarim (MS), William Waugh (BS), Richard Schneider (BS), Marko Saad (BS), Richard Lindsay (BS), Kaz Tamura (BS), Kristin LaBounty (BS), Steven Tragesser (BS).
  • Additive Manufacturing

  • Faculty: Andres Tovar, Amanda Siegel
  • Students: XinYao Hu (Lab Manager), Carolina Cardona-Serrano, Tanjimul Alam, Dante Goss, Nicholas Lozier, Skye Tutino, Julian Strobel

Previous Projects

  • Nonlinear Crashworthiness Design Tool Development Using Hybrid Cellular Automata

  • Tovar, A. (Sole PI)
  • Honda R&D Americas ($60,000, Tovar’s portion: 100%)
  • April 2012 – May 2013
  • Nanocomposite Materials Design Optimization with Experimental Validation for Engineered Microstructure at Multiple Length-Scales

  • Tovar, A. (Sole PI)
  • AFOSR, Sub-contract from the University of Notre Dame. ($69,860, Tovar’s portion: 100%)
  • October 2012 – September 2013
  • Design of space exploration vehicle structures and mechanisms for operation in uncertain environments

  • Tovar, A. (Sole PI)
  • Indiana Space Grant Consortium (INSGC), Discovery Program – Research Initiation Experience Award ($10,000, Tovar’s portion: 100%)
  • May 2012 – May 2013
  • Agent-based design of ultra-lightweight materials and components

  • Tovar, A. (PI) and S. Mukhopadhyay (co-PI)
  • IUPUI Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Institute (MURI) grant ($15,800, Tovar’s portion: 50%)
  • Summer 2013
  • Development of Advanced Direct-generated G-code CNC program based on NURBS geometry

  • Tovar, A. (co-PI), H. El-Mounayri (co-PI)
  • BISHOP Steering Technology Inc. ($4,000 for student support)
  • Summer 2013
  • Crash Analysis and Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of Lightweight Vehicle Chassis: Application to Electric Vehicle Design

  • Tovar, A. (Advisor), Grimany, S. (Student)
  • 2011 – 2012 Excellence Research Fund, Purdue School of Engineering and Technology at IUPUI ($2,430 for student support)
  • December 2011 – April 2012
  • Multifunctional Nano-Ceramic Composite Design Optimization and Blast-Worthiness Design Using Hybrid Cellular Automata for Improved Soldier Survivability

  • Tovar, A. (Sole PI)
  • U.S. Army TARDEC/Mississippi State University, Simulation Based Reliability and Safety (SimBRS) Program, Sub-contract from the University of Notre Dame, Sub-award 201506 ($61,551, Tovar’s portion: 100%)
  • August 2011 – March 2012