ECE382 / ME482 Exams from All Semesters

Spring 2004, Spring 2005, Fall 2008, Spring 2012

Please note that these exams are provided as an aid to you in studying the material. No warranties are expressed or implied with regard to similarity or difference between exams from previous semesters and the current one. You should be prepared to answer questions on the material covered in the text and lectures. The fact that a particular topic does not appear on a previous exam does not imply that it may not appear on an exam in the current semester. Also, based on student performance in previous semesters, questions on specific topics may be made easier or more difficult.

The chapter numbers refer to the course textbook by Dorf and Bishop. The specific editions (9th for 2004, 10th for 2005, 11th for 2008, and 12th for 2012) are out of print. The chapter numbers did not change over the years 2004 to 2012. The current edition can be found here.

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