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Dr. Jing Zhang's Materials and Manufacturing Laboratory

Dr. Jing Zhang's research interests are broadly centered on understanding the processing-structure-property relationships in advanced ceramics and metals for optimal performance in application, and identifying desirable processing routes for its manufacture. To this end, the research group employs a blend of experimental, theoretical, and numerical approaches, focusing on several areas, including:

1. Physics-based Multi-scale Models: ab initio, molecular dynamics (MD), discrete element models (DEM), finite element models (FEM)

2. Processing-Microstructure-Property Relationships: thermal barrier coating, solid oxide fuel cell, hydrogen transport membrane, lithium-ion battery

3. Coupled Phenomena: diffusion-thermomechanical properties

4. Additve Manufacturing (AM) or 3D Printing: AM materials characterization, AM process models


1. Dr. Jing Zhang is organizing symposium Recent Development in Additive Manufacturing: Process and Equipment Development and Applications”, in Materials Science & Technology 2016 (MS&T16) in Salt Lake City, UT (web link). Dr. Zhang will also edit a special issue on Additive Manufacturing in Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance (Springer) for the symposium.

2. Dr. Jing Zhang is the guest editor of Special Issue on Advanced Coatings for Energy and Environmental Applications: Design, Processing, Properties, and Performance in Elsevier journal Surface and Coatings Technology (web link). Manuscript submission deadline: July 1, 2016


Jing Zhang
Dr. Jing Zhang
723 W Michigant Street
SL 260H
Indianapolis, IN 46202, USA
E-mail: jz29 *AT* iupui *DOT* edu
Tel: 317-278-7186 (O), 317-274-9741 (Lab)

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