Purdue M.S. in Cybersecurity and Trusted System (Indianapolis)

This is the first MS in Cybersecurity degree in IUPUI. I was responsible for developing the proposal, participation in negotiation with IUB and PUWL, proposal discussions and presentation with ICHE, faculty recruitment in the Cybersecurity area and implementation of the degree program. The degree are expected to contribute to the future development of the CIGT, and we have started a number of related curriculum works in the area of cybersecurity.


          Purdue B.S. in Cybersecurity (Indianapolis)

I worked with Dr. Connie Justice (lead) in creating this degree proposal. This B.S. degree program is currently approved by IUPUI campus undergraduate education committee and will be submitted to ICHE for approve. This B.S. degree program, together with the M.S. in Cybersecurity and Trusted System program, will provide a full pathway in Cybersecurity


          Purdue Cybersecurity Apprenticeships Program

I am the main contact and interface with the PCAP program in Purdue School of Engineering and Technology in IUPUI. The PCAP program is funded by the U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration Federal Award Id. No. HG-33038-19-60-A-18, CFDA #: 17.268-H-1B Job Training Grants.  The PCAP program targets at a new model for cybersecurity education and employment. Our M.S. in Cybersecurity and Trusted System has been integrated as the only M.S. pathway for the Purdue-CAP program.


          Cybersecurity Research Experience for Undergraduate students.

I co-created the National Workshop for REU Research in Networking and Systems (REUNS). This workshop served as the major forum for the NSF REU site students to present and publish their research works in Cybersecurity, systems and networks. I created the REU student self-organized workshop activity model and many REU sites have utilized this model for their REU students.


          Innovative Smartphone Virtual Laboratory Environment for Cybersecurity Education and Training 

We created a set of Virtual Research, Interactive, Service, and Experiential Learning Module based-on the hands-on activities in Mobile and wireless computing. The lab modules have been implemented and tested in the REU site programs and the cybersecurity and non-cybersecurity courses at IUPUI.


Courses taught:

CIT 53200 Wireless Security and Technology

CIT 46000 Wireless Security

CIT 32700 Wireless Communications

CIT 17600 Information Technology Architectures

CIT 20300 Information Security Fundamentals

CIT 29900 Cybersecurity and Networking Programing (Python)

ECE 59500 Wireless Security


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