Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Meet Current Student, Shen Mi Khoo


Shen Mi transferred from Universiti Tenaga Nasional(UNITEN), Malaysia to IUPUI and is studying electrical engineering.

Why did you choose to study at IUPUI?
I chose IUPUI due to the great amount of credits that I could transfer from Malaysia to IUPUI as well as being able to obtain a Purdue University degree whilst experiencing the city life in the US.

Why Electrical Engineering?
One of the reasons why I chose electrical engineering is because I was really fond of circuits and simple electronics analysis when I took physics in my foundation in engineering back in Malaysia. In addition to that, after learning more about circuit analysis and power systems, I have come to love the energy generation part of electrical engineering, hence deciding to pursue this major.

At IUPUI I’m involved in: 
  • Purdue School of Engineering and Technology Student Ambassador
  • Office of International Affairs-Global Jags Ambassador
  • Freshman Engineering Course-MATLAB Lab Assistant and Mentor
  • Circuits Analysis Course-Grader
  • Malaysian Student Association(MySA)-Treasurer
  • “Tin Can Solar Power Satellite” Summer Research- Undergraduate Research Student

My career aspirations:
As my interest has always been more towards power and/or energy generations, I would ultimately like to focus more on power systems and transmission lines. However, after conducting the Solar Power Satellite research in Summer 2016, I am determined to also pursue more experience and knowledge regarding renewable energy. I believe that renewable energy should be the future’s sole sustainable energy source and hence, would like to be able to learn as much as I can about both renewable energy and power generation and hopefully, bring the knowledge and technology back to Malaysia to be applied in the future.

My college experience has: 
I would describe my college experience so far as: exciting. Many have the perception that all engineering students do is study, which I would strongly disagree as I find my personal experience a living proof. Besides having the awesome opportunity to gain knowledge from experienced and knowledgeable faculty here at IUPUI, I have been able to carry out my passion of volunteering throughout the one and a half years that I’ve been here. Carrying out various hands-on class projects that not only requires theoretical knowledge but also critical skills have made studying here so much different than in Malaysia. Also, being in the middle of Indianapolis also has allowed me to indulge in the city life experience in the US while being exposed to various major companies that offer wonderful internship and well as networking opportunities.

My favorite thing about IUPUI: 
I would say my favorite thing about IUPUI is the endless opportunities for scholarships, grants, research projects, on campus jobs as well as volunteerism. Besides, IUPUI is a pretty diverse campus and hence, one gets to meet various people from different walks of life!

My advice for new students:
As an international transfer student, I believe that I play an important role in sharing my personal experience with prospective students especially for those who are coming from outside of the Unites States. Hence my take on this would be: always have an open mind to learning new culture, experiences and most importantly, not forgetting to enjoy and have fun in the process! Take your studies seriously but also grab the opportunities to explore beyond your horizon in order to apply the knowledge learnt in class. There are tons of research opportunities as well as internships available on and off campus. Besides gaining valuable input, one may also enhance his or her network as well as intrapersonal and interpersonal skills which are priceless.