Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Meet Current Student, Nicole Stout


Why did you choose to study at IUPUI?
I chose to study at IUPUI because of the Motorsports Engineering Program. It’s the only one available in the U.S. Also, the Purdue Engineering degree combined with the Indianapolis location allows for many available opportunities within the motorsports field.  Not to mention, when I visited campus, I felt like I already belonged. 

Why Motorsports Engineering?
For as long I as I can remember, I’ve loved fast cars. I heard once that doing a job you love means that you never actually “work” a day in your life. So with IUPUI’s Motorsports Engineering program, I was able to turn a passion into a career and do what I love every day.

At IUPUI, I’m involved in: 
  • The Women’s Engineering Network (WEN)
  • The Society of Women Engineers (SWE)
  • The all-female Purdue Grand Prix go-kart team
  • Purdue School of Engineering and Technology Student Ambassador

My career aspirations:
Because of the two internships I have had with The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, I would like to become a race tire engineer.

My college experience has: 
My college experience has changed my life. I was able to learn and grow as a person throughout my time here at IUPUI and was able to make friendships and relationships that will last me a life time. My experience here has also prepared me to confidently go into the work force as a female in engineering.

My favorite thing about IUPUI: 
My favorite thing about IUPUI is the faculty and staff. I was able to make connections within the School of Engineering and Technology that greatly supplemented my education and gave me amazing opportunities.

My advice for new students:
My advice for new students would be to get involved in something on campus as soon as you start taking classes here. It’s a great way to focus on something other than your classes, to make friends, and to feel like a part of the campus.