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Engineering and Technology Student Council (ETSC)


“Supporting all ET students by encouraging community, inspiring personal development, and representing student concerns.”

The Engineering and Technology Student Council (ETSC) is the governing body for students in the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology at IUPUI. ETSC purposes to serve as student advisors to the Dean, represent student concerns, distribute funding for student activities, and enhance the E&T experience at IUPUI. ETSC also coordinates community service, innovation, leadership, professional development, and social opportunities for Engineering and Technology students, participating in events such as National Engineer's Week and supporting opportunities such as the Student Innovation Fund.

ETSC meets once a month  from 10:30 AM EST to 11:30 AM EST and is open to all Engineering and Technology students. We strongly encourage students to come learn what is going on in our school and have their voices heard on important school issues. Additionally, each student organization must have a student representative attend 75% of the meetings each semester to be eligible to receive funding from ETSC (for funding guidelines click here). food and refreshments are served at each meeting. For detailed meeting times and locations please consult our social media pages (Facebook and Twitter) or through The Den.

ETSC Forms for student organizations:

Travel Document 

Funding Request Form

Travel Reimbursement Form

Please fill out the pdf and email to .

Officers are elected once a year in the spring by majority vote. If you are interested in running please contact the secretary below.
If you are interested in getting involved in another Engineering and Technology Student Organization click here for more information on opportunities.

President - Grant Wible


Year in school: Senior
Degree you are going for in college?: A Bachelors and Masters in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics.
Bio: I chose to be a part of ETSC three years ago because I believed it to be a way I could help make this great school even better. I hope to do this by building more of a community in our ET school and helping students succeed. Other than ETSC, I am also involved in the IUPUI Rowing (Crew) team, Campus Outreach and Tau Beta Pi Honors Society. Beyond this I enjoy just about anything outdoors; sports, camping, hiking, mountain biking, sailing etc. After graduating I hope to work in an Aerospace company. However, I do expect to return to school for an MBA after several years as this would allow me to pursue more of a leadership/management career path. ETSC has been an awesome opportunity for me to develop these leadership skills and has helped me realize that I have a passion for leading and helping people.

Vice President - Dulus Owen

dulusYear in school: Junior
Degree you are going for in college?:
 Mechanical Engineering
Bio: My interests are in jet propulsion, superconducting materials, Heusler compounds, and volunteering. After I graduate, I plan to continue University and work towards a PhD. in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis in Jet Propulsion. 

President Elect - Nicole Woodruff

Nicole Year in school: Junior
 Degree you are going for in college?:
 Mechanical Engineering
 I am President-Elect of ETSC and look forward to assuming my position as President by senior year. I am also a member of Pi Tau Sigma: National Mechanical Engineering Honors Society, SWE, and ASME. I also enjoy other activities such as playing volleyball and tennis, camping, and hiking. Once I graduate I hope to attain a full time position working at NSCW Crane, where I have interned over my summer and winter breaks. I want to work on new and innovating projects that have a direct correlation to protecting the warfighter and changing the world as we see it. 

Treasurer - Cayla Skaggs


Year in school: Sophomore
Degree you are going for in college?:
 Biomedical Engineering
I am originally from Fort Wayne, IN and I from from a family of 5 (two younger siblings). I am a resident assistant on campus at the Riverwalk Apartments, a member of SWE, a Chancellor's scholar, and a part of ALD/PES. In my free time I like to play games and watch romantic comedies. Ultimately with my BME degree I want to work in cardiology. I am mostly interested in implantable devices such as ICDs and pacemakers. 

Secretary - Abby Richart


Year in school: Senior
Degree you are going for in college?: Interior Design Technology
Bio:  I am a senior studying Interior Design Technology. I am currently the secretary for ETSC and the VP Panhellenic Delegate for Alpha Chi Omega Fraternity. I am also involved in the student design organization and am a student member of the Indiana Interior Design Association. After graduation I plan to stay in Indianapolis to work but am still searching for the area of design that best fits me. I believe that everything a person does has an impact and through my work I hope to bring inspirations to others in everything I do. I consider the reputation of an organization to be a direct reflection of its leadership and as an officer of the ETSC I hope to help blend the organizations in our community through diverse events and to represent the engineering and technology department to the best of my ability.  

Undergraduate Senator - Katherine Pfeiffer

katherineYear in school: Sophomore
Degree you are going for in college?:
 Electrical Engineering.
  I am currently a sophomore in Electrical Engineering. I am very active on campus and enjoy staying busy. I am the Undergraduate Student Senator for the Engineering and Technology Student Council (ETSC), the Treasurer for Society of Women Engineers (SWE), and also an Executive Board Member and Mentor for Women in Engineering Network (WEN). Besides all of the student organizations I am a part of I also am a hard working student. I am currently an intern at Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division in Southern Indiana. I have loved my internship there thus far and hope to continue at Crane in the future as a full time electrical engineer. I am very passionate about engineering and the challenges that arise around us every day. I hope to some day make a positive impact with my work and be an inspiration for young men and women interested in engineering and technology.

Undergraduate Senator - Chris Collier

chrisYear in school: Junior
Degree you are going for in college?: Computer Engineering
Bio: I am a Junior studying Computer Engineering. This will be my second year as an Undergraduate Student Government representative on the Engineering and Technology Student Council. I am also a Norman Brown Diversity and Leadership Scholar. I have a dedication to technology and the advancement of it. My goal is to work for Tesla as they continue to develop cleaner, more efficient modes of transportation. Until then, I am dedicated to making your voices heard through ETSC and USG alike. 

Graduate Senator - Landan Mintch

landonYear in school: First year Masters Student
Degree you are going for in college?:
 Masters of Science in Biomedical Engineering with Thesis
I am a first-year MS student in the Department of Biomedical Engineering. I received my undergraduate degree from IUPUI in the same discipline and spent a good amount of my time as a Division I swimmer, an officer of the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES), and as an honors college scholar. As a graduate student, I work under Dr. John Schild (BME) in his cardiac neurophysiology lab where I research the effects of aortic arch pressure on parasympathetic nervous activity. Looking ahead, I hope to increase my exposure to the area of neural engineering especially with respect to novel interventions and therapies for future commercial use.  

Coordinator for Student Success Initiatives - David Kane


Year in school: First year Masters Student
Degree you are going for in college?: Mechanical Engineering.
Bio: I’m a Master’s student studying mechanical engineering. This is my fourth year serving on the ETSC board. I love the exciting work and knowing that we are helping our students get the most out of college. After graduation I will work for Rolls-Royce as a Systems Engineer.

Webmaster - William Stumbo

billyYear in school: Senior
Degree you are going for in college?: A Bachelors in CIT with a concentration in web development and a minor in Computer Science.
Bio:  I am a Senior studying Computer Information Technology at IUPUI.  I am founder of ACC club and Webmaster for ETSC. I am a diligent student that is passionate about learning the up and coming technology trends. When I graduate, I aspire to be a programmer, developing products that will be valuable to the consumer. I aspire to make a difference in the world by creating programs and software that are robust intuitive, and beneficial. I have a love for learning, a passion for inspiring others, and a desire to make great things happen for the future of technology.

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