Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

MS in Technology (33 credit hours)

Human Resource Development (HRD) Focus

In earning the MS in Technology with a focus on Human Resource Development (HRD), you will complete three required core courses designed to help you understand quantitative and qualitative data-driven decision-making in industry and technology and to develop relevant skills. You will complete an additional 24 credit hours to finish the degree. 

Housed in the Department of Technology Leadership and Communication (TLC), the HRD focus offers these graduate courses in online, hybrid, or face-to-face formats.

You may elect to earn the HRD Certificate while earning the MS in Technology with a focus in HRD. If you do so, the relevant courses (marked with an * above) will count toward both the Certificate and the MS in Technology degree.

For more information about the HRD Graduate Certificate, visit this page.

Employment Opportunities

Sudents completing the MS Technology with a focus in Human Resource Development may work as:

  • Managers and supervisors of workplace learning/training/HRD functions
  • Government employees involved in workforce/career related areas
  • Non-profit HR/HRD training professionals
  • Consulting firm employees
  • Training professionals/specialists
  • Managers and executives interested in expanding knowledge regarding employee development

Plan of Study

Your plan of study can be customized to your interests and goals. Each Master's degree plan of study consists of a primary area and a related area.

Required Primary Core MS in Technology Courses (9 credit hours)

Related Area of Study (24 credit hours)
At least six of the remaining 24 required credit hours must come from the Human Resource Development focus area list of courses. If you are also earning the HRD Certificate, its required courses and the Directed Project will count towards the MS in Technology requirements. You may select the remaining credit hours from the Technology Leadership and Communication Department or from other departments with the approval of your graduate advisor. 

The MS in Technology has two options: Directed Project or Courses-Only.

Courses Only Option Directed Project + Courses Option
  • 24 credit hours of courses. (Eight courses beyond the requirec core, selected to relate to Leadership)
  • 21 credit hours of courses (seven courses beyond the required core, selected to relate to Leadership)
  • Directed Project (3 credit hours)

For more information about the Directed Project, see the Appendix A of the graduate program handbook

For MS in Technology admissions information, visit this page.

For HRD Certificate admissions information, see the bottom of this page. Note that you will apply for this Certificate separately from applying for admission to the MS in Technology. However, the second admission fee can be waived with permission from the Director of TLC graduate programs, Dr. Marj Rush Hovde at