Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Purdue School of Engineering and Technology

Purdue University Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Indiana University- Purdue University, Indianapolis:

Degree Requirements

Total and Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate-Level Credit Hours

All students must complete a total of 30 credit hours selected by the student and approved by their advisory committee.  The requirements are the same for all MS degrees, at least 15 credit hours must be Electrical and Computer Engineering graduate courses.  One 3 credit hour course to meet the Mathematics requirement (see Math Content Course Requirement below for the specific, allowable courses).  No more than 3 additional credit hours can be taken outside of the Electrical and Computer Engineering department.  Pass/No-Pass grades are not permitted for courses on the Master's plan of study.

Breadth Requirement

The area core  courses cover introductory material essential to the respective Electrical and Computer Engineering research area.  Students must successfully complete a minimum of two (2) core courses from:

  • ECE 60000
  • ECE 60200
  • ECE 60400
  • ECE 60600
  • ECE 60800
  • ECE 61000

to ensure a limited breadth of knowledge within the program.  A student must select the core course for their declared Electrical and Computer Engineering primary area.  The primary area is to be chosen from one of the four defined areas listed in the table below.  

Primary Area Abbr. Core Course
  Automatic Control, Robotics, and System AC ECE 60200
  Communication and Signal Processing CS ECE 60000
  Computer Engineering CE ECE 60800
  VLSI and Circuit Design VC ECE 60600/ECE 60800

Only courses offered from Indianapolis or West Lafayette campuses can be used to satisfy the breadth requirement.  Regional campuses and transfer courses must not be used toward the breadth (core course) requirement.

Depth Requirement

Students must successfully complete at least fifteen (15) credit hours in the primary area they have declared.  The core course in their primary area and thesis credits (if thesis option is selected) can be applied towards this requirement.  Appendix G details the list of courses in each primary area.

Math Content Course Requirement

A minimum of three (3) approved math oriented course credit hours is required for all degree programs.  The approved mathematics, statistics, electrical and computer engineering, computer science, and physics courses meeting the math requirement are given in Appendix B.  Note the course used to meet the Math Requirement cannot also be used to satisfy the Breadth Requirement.


The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department offers two options for the MSECE degree.

Non-thesis Option - All 30 graduate credits will be generated from coursework.  

Thesis Option - Nine of the 30 graduate credits will be thesis credits (see Research Opportunity).  The remaining 21 graduate credits will come from coursework.

Research Opportunity

Research is not required for the master's degree but is highly encouraged.  There are research opportunities for both the thesis and non-thesis options.

Non-thesis Option - Research credit hours are not required for students on non-thesis option.  However, a maximum of three (3) credi hours of ECE 69600 (Advanced Projects) and/or ECE 69700 (Directed Reading) are allowed on their plan of study (POS) for the non-thesis option.  The course ECE 69800 is not allowed on the POS of students pursuing the non-thesis option, and ECE69800 will not be converted to either ECE 69600 or ECE 69700.

Thesis Option - Students pursuing the thesis option are required to  register for a minimum of nine (9) credit hours of ECE 69800 Research (thesis) toward their MS degree.  Students may register more than nine (9) credit hours ECE 69800, but students are required to take a minimum of twenty-one (21) credit hours of regular courses.

Students should check with their advisory committe chair to determine the number of ECE 69800 credit hours to take per semester.  ECE 69800 credit hours qualify as ECE graduate-level credit hours and may be used to satisfy the ECE depth requirement as described above.  ECE 69600 and ECE 69700 credit hours are not allowed on the POS of students pursuing the thesis option.

Minimum Academic Requirements

Good Academic Standing.  The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department requires the following minimum standards to be in good academic standing in the Master's degree program. To be in good academic standing, a Master's graduate student must maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.00 out of 4.00 over the graduate courses taken each semester.  A graduate student who is not in good academic standing at the end of any semester or summer session maybe given an academic warning and/or placed on probation.  Decisions concerning probation/academic warning are made by the Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Committee.  A student on probation may not be permitted to register for further graduate courses, pending academic review and approval by the Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Committee.

The cumulative grade point average used for the POS is calculated using the courses that are on the POS.  If a course is taken more than once while the student is enrolled as a graduate student, only the most recent grade received int he course will be used in computing the grade point average.  Transer courses are not included in teh computation of the cumulative grade point average.  University requirements state that no grade below "C-" is allowed for a course that is on the approved POS.  Any course on the POS for which a grade of "D" or "F" is obtained must be repeated.  In the event of a deficiency in the cumulative grade point average, a course may be repeated but only the most recent grade received will be used in computing the average.

English Requirement

All Electrical and Computer Engineering students must demonstrate acceptable proficiency in written English before graduating.  Students will not be allowed to graduate until this requirement has been met.  All teaching assistants must satisfy additional oral English proficiency.  

The Electrical and Computer Engineering department strongly recommends that students fulfill the English requirement as early as possible (first semester) in their academic program.  The English proficiency requirements are detailed in Appendix C.

Residency and Load Requirement

Semester Load

All international students mus be enrolled full-time to maintain appropriate visa status.  To qualify as a full-time student, a student must statisfy one of the following criteria:

  • be enrolled for nine (9) credit hours, or
  • hold a research or graduate assistantship and be registered for at least six (6) credit hours.

Residency Requirements

The total number of hours of academic credit used to satisfy residency requirements consists of all course credit hours that appear on the plan of study, other graduate course credit hours on the IUPUI transcript with grades of "B" or better, and thesis research hours that appear on the transcript.  At least one-half of the total credit hours used to satisfy degree requirements must be earned in residence on the IUPUI campus, where the degree is granted.  Course credits obtained via televised instruction on the IUPUI campus shall meet the residency requirement.