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Computer Technology Applications Certificate


The Computer Technology Applications Certificate (CTAC) is ideal for degree-seeking students wishing to combine their intellectual capabilities with IT skills in preparation for serving in a knowledge-based economy. Information Technology (IT) permeates today's information age, knowledge-based economy, and all industries and occupations. Knowing how to fully integrate and take advantage of industry application programs is essential.

This certificate is designed to give you extensive knowledge of computer applications, equipping you to be successful in your professional and educational careers while giving you skills to transition to the technology of the future. By completing this certificate, you will become a power user of office software applications, using these applications to build Web sites, develop software training modules, create interactive IT products, and complete a service learning product.

All courses must be completed with a C or better

Required Courses
Course Title
CIT 10600 Using a Personal Computer
CIT 20600 Advanced Computer Applications
CIT 30600 Computer Technology Appl. Capstone

Electives — Choose 3
Course Title
CIT 11200 Information Technology Fundamentals
CIT 21200 Advanced Web Site Design
CIT 34600 Desktop Publishing Applications
OLS 26300 Ethical Decisions in Leadership

Computer Technology Applications Plan of Study Checklist

To begin the journey toward earning your Computer Technology Applications Certficate, or to answer any questions that you may have about the program, feel free to email the Program Director, E. Fernandez, or call 317.274.9705.


Candidates for these certificates are required to be formally admitted by the IUPUI Office of Admissions, but not required to be a student in the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology. To earn the certificate, students must contact the department to complete paperwork to add the degree to their program plan of study before they enroll in the last semester or sooner. x