Purdue School of Engineering and Technology, IUPUI


Dr. Lauren Christopher

Associate Professor
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Purdue School of Engineering and Technology, IUPUI
723 West Michigan Street, SL164H
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202-5132
Phone: (317) 278-9156, Fax: (317) 274-4493
E-Mail: lauchris@iupui.edu


Classes Taught
ECE20200 Linear Circuit Analysis II
ECE27000 Introduction to Digital Design
ECE30100 Signals and Systems
ECE42100 Advanced Digital Systems Design
ECE54400 Introduction to Digital Communications
ECE55900 MOS VLSI Design
ECE59500 Introduction to 2D and 3D Digital Image Processing
ECE59500 Advanced Systems on a Chip (SoC) Designs for Image Processing using FPGAs


Dr. Lauren Christopher attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she received her S. B. and S. M. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in 1982, specializing in digital signal processing and chip design. She worked at RCA’s David Sarnoff Research Labs in the 1980’s developing chips for early digital television, and in the 1990s joined Thomson Consumer Electronics, where she led the first DIRECTV receiver design. She received her PhD from Purdue University in 2003, developing image segmentation techniques in 3D medical ultrasound images toward automatic cancer detection. In 2010, Dr. Christopher has been inducted into the Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame for her work in leading the development of the DIRECTV set top box. Dr. Christopher joined IUPUI in 2008, and is currently heading the 3D imaging and VLSI research in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. Her research continues the 3D medical image registration and image segmentation from her PhD work. Her research interests include real-time 3D systems, 3D image sensors and 3D image processing algorithms.

Research Interest

The primary research is toward Computer Vision algorithms for 3D applications. My research interest is also the application of VLSI circuits to 3D imaging algorithms to improve throughput and real-time analysis of 3D image data.  The next frontier in image technology is the extension to 3D in displays, image processing and in image capture.  These technologies are seeing growth in medical imaging (3D CT, Ultrasound, MRI) and other applications.   My algorithmic research in 3D statistical Image segmentation uses an iterative Bayesian analysis with the Expectation-Maximization algorithm to achieve results in highly noisy images (such as Ultrasound).  This type of algorithm poses challenges to real-time clinical needs, due to lengthy convergence speeds on traditional hardware.  Additional new concepts such as Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) and Deep Learning Neural Networks (DNN) are advancing the state of the art in optimization. Additionally, new challenges in data access and dedicated processing for these types of applications dictate the need for VLSI solutions.

Selected Current Research Projects
Asset Allocation using Particle Swarm Intelligence; 2016-18
Creating 3D models of digital radio antenna patterns for inclusion in Electronic Warfare simulations; 2016-18
Real-time three-dimensional (3D) camera system using Extended Depth from Defocus and Microfluidic Lens; 2017-18

Selected Research Project Proposals
Multi-Sensor Fusion for Improving Threat Assessment in Complex Electronic Warfare Environments; TBD
Development of an Automated System for Image/Video Evaluation of Tree Overhang on Wiring; TBD

Selected Past Research Projects
3D Camera for Bicycle Safety; 2015-16
Inventory of Road Edges for Road Departure; 2016-17
Pedestrian Semantic Motion 3D Analysis; 2015-16
Data from Field II used to test US Segmentations; 2014
Depth Cues Inferred from 2D Lighting and Vanishing-point Ellipses (.v3d file for DIBR display view); 2012
Depth Cues Inferred from 2D Lighting and Vanishing-point Ellipses (.wmv file for 2D plus depth view); 2012
Digital 3D Imaging Lab - IUPUI short ad, 2011
3D Medical Imaging Segmentation from Tomographic Breast Ultrasound
Fall09 Convocation Short Presentation of Research
Research Seminar 2008
MURI 2008 Poster


Bachelor and Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT,1982
Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Purdue in 2003

Selected Journal Research Publications

3D EM/MPM Image Segmentation Using An FPGA Embedded Design Implementation, Jan 2015 in Journal of Signal Processing Systems
Comparing three-dimensional Bayesian segmentations for images with low signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and strong attenuation, Aug 2014 in SPIE Journal of Electronic Imaging
Three dimensional moving pictures with a single imager and microfluidic lens, May 2014 in IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics
Future Directions in 3D Imaging and Neurosurgery: Stereoscopy and Autostereoscopy, Jan 2013 in Journal of Neurosurgery
Bayesian Image Analysis of Dexamethasone and Shear Stress-Induced Glucocorticoid Receptor Intracellular Movement Annals of Biomedical Engineering Jan. 2012
Noninvasive Visualization of Human Dopamine Dynamics from PET Images, NeuroImage January 2010
Bayesian Segmentation of Three Dimensional Image Volumes using the EM/MPM Algorithm, PhD. Thesis Dissertation, March 2003
A VLSI Median Filter for Impulse noise Elimination in Composite or Component TV Signals, IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics February 1988

Selected Conference Research Publications

A single-imager, single-lens video camera prototype for 3D imaging Proceedings of SPIE Jan. 2012
3D Image Segmentation Implementation on FPGA Using The EM/MPM Algorithm, IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP) March 2010
3-D Bayesian Ultrasound Breast Image Segmentation Using the EM/MPM Algorithm, Symposium on Biomedical Imaging, July, 2002
IC Requirements for Multimedia Television, 22 nd European Solid State Circuits Conference, 1996
A Fully Integrated Digital Demodulation and Forward Error Correction IC for Digital Satellite Television, 1995 IEEE Custom IC Conference Proceedings.


US: 7272295 Sept. 18, 2007: “Commercial Skip and Chapter Delineation on Recordable Media”
US: 6912661 June 28, 2005: “Method and Apparatus for Encrypting and for Decrypting Data Arranged in a Data Sector”
US: 5386239 Jan 31, 1995: “Multiple QAM Digital Television Signal Decoder”
US: 5313279 May 17, 1995: “Digital Carrier Combining Apparatus in a Multiple QAM Digital Television Receiver”
US: 5392230 Feb 21, 1995: “FIR Filter Apparatus for Multiplexed Processing of Time Division Multiplexed Signals”
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US: 4486851 Dec 4, 1984: “Incrementing/Decrementing Circuit as for a FIR Filter”
US: 4460958 July 17,1984: “Window-Scanned Memory”

Honors and Awards

Eta Kappa Nu Recognition of Outstanding Young Electrical Engineers for 1986: Honorable Mention
Tribute to Women and Industry Achievement Award 1990 (by Princeton YWCA)
RCA internal award of “Fast-Track” management in 1983
Thomson internal award for DSS Quality in 1994
Member of Thomson Entrepreneur Management Network 1996-99
Member of Thomson Op-Com Management Network 1996-99
Technical EMMY Award for DSS 2002
Induction into the Consumer Electronics Association CE Hall of Fame, October 2010


IEEE Consumer Electronics Society, IEEE Signal Processing Society.
Senior Member, IEEE, Member SPIE
Reviewer (2001-present) for IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics
Guest Editor (March 1991) and Reviewer (1990-96) for IEEE Journal of Solid State Circuits
Chairman (and various other executive positions) of the Custom Integrated Circuits Conference (1987-1990)
Member of the Custom Integrated Circuits Conference Committee (1983-1987)
Involved in two sub-committees of the ATSC during the Digital TV standards setting process (Digital Communications and VLSI) (1987-1992)
Involved in CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) committees for joint TV-Cable discussions (1992-1994)